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Nashville Executive Classic Limousines

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Limousines, like the ones operated by Nashville Executive Limousine, are a common measuring system for luxury in Nashville —though they weren't always designed with that in mind.

In fact, the first automobile limousine first came to fruition in 1902. The design allowed the driver to sit underneath a covered compartment, with the passenger compartment akin to a regular automobile.

The first stretch limousine, or the limousines Nashville Executive Limousine uses today, came to fruition in the late 1920s. The coach company Armbruster came up with the original limousine model in the Arkansas city Fort Smith. The early limousine was used for transporting early famous big band leaders and their corresponding bands and equipment. For a time, limousines were known as 'big band buses,' thanks to that.

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Limousines eventually lost their 'big band' moniker once more companies began refining the classic limousine design. Classic limousines eventually evolved into the 6, 8 and 10 passenger vehicles Nashville Executive Limousine knows today. Vehicle manufacturers like Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard produced some of the most famous classic limousines that Nashville Executive Limousine uses today, although they're now operated in private settings.

What if you want a classic limousine for your next special occasion? What if you're a business owner or executive who wants to add a classic touch to your party's arrival at the next corporate event?

Limousine services like ours do provide classic limousines—with a modern touch. There's plenty of limousine manufacturers still producing limousines with a classic and more refined style. You can see these limousines in Nashville, Tennessee

If you're perhaps more indulgent, why not try a larger classic stretch limo with additional amenities? Nashville Executive Limousine also has classic limousines for smaller and more conservative parties.