Nashville Executive Limousine

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Nashville Executive Stretch Limousines

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A stretch limousine in Tennessee is a regular limousine lengthened to accommodate additional passengers who need more seating options and legroom. These elongated vehicles are necessary for medium or large parties who need transportation from one place to another—at the same time in Nashville.

Nashville customers usually get more than one stretch limousine to move their groups to their Tennessee destination as soon as possible. A company may choose stretch limousines over traditional group transportation for the purpose of improving their Nashville company image. It's also necessary when providing Nashville employees and executives with a more comfortable travel option.

Many traditional Tennessee limousines used today are actually stretch limos. These Nashville executive limousines are commonly known as Lincoln Town Car Stretch and 'Super Stretch' limousines. They're made in several other models, modified to accommodate the number of guests in a single Nashville travel party.

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Stretch limousines in Nashville usually come in 6 passenger, 8 passenger and 10 passenger models. The 6 passenger model, as an example, will comfortably fit 4 adults or a total of 6 passengers. Prospective Tennessee customers of limousine rentals like ours should rent according to the size of their party, mainly to avoid over-stuffing guests into a single vehicle throughout Nashville.

Larger Tennessee parties may want to look into 'Super Stretch' limousines. These super-sized vehicles can transport up to 14 guests at a time, the most common housing 12 to 14 Tennessee passengers. Super stretch limousines often contain more luxuries, due to the additional room.

These luxuries may include extra seating, lights, a music system and even a mini-bar with refreshments. Nashville Parties for weddings and other interpersonal occasions may want to consider renting our super stretch limousines, just for the additional Nashville accommodations.